Meet Adenike Kolawole Who Carried Her Pregnancy for Five Years

Adenike Kolawole

Things are happening! An unbelievable miracle happened in Lagos as a certain woman identified as Mrs. Adenike Kolawole was delivered of a baby boy after being barren for 27 years, and after she manage to get pregnant, she was said to have carried her pregnancy for five years. [Read more...]

Lagos State Chairmen/Councillors of LGA’s Told To Hand Over Power

Tunde fashola

Chairmen and councillors of local governments in Lagos State have been directed to hand over the reins of authority in their respective areas. Others affected are political appointees including supervisors and Council Secretaries. The directive by the state government is in line with the constitution as the 3-year statutory tenure of the elected council officials expires today. [Read more...]

How Boko Haram R*ped, Tortured and Forcibly Islamised Abducted Girls

boko haram

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a new report detailing how Boko Haram tortured, raped and forcibly converted abducted girls to Islam and also married them off to members of the sect. [Read more...]

Police Recover N2.2m Recharge Cards From Robbers

abba suleThe police in Ekiti State have recovered GSM recharge cards worth N2.2 million from a gang of armed robbers that attacked a telecommunications company in the state and carted away cards worth N4.1million and other equipment. [Read more...]

I’m in love With My Friend’s Man and It’s Her Fault

confused woman

Let me start from the beginning. My friend’s fiancé moved to my city last year and since then she comes to visit every other month. The second time she came to town she asked me to come and stay with her in his place as he goes to work during the day and that’s how I started spending time there. He is a very nice guy and we all got along very well. When my friend left I went back to my house.

Next thing I know she started asking me to go and keep him company when she’s away, or to escort him to places because he doesn’t know his way around. [Read more...]

Ismaila Ladoja Accused of Impregnating Daughter, Says ‘My Neighbours Want to Destroy Me’

Ismaila Ladoja, ife

Ife (Mr Ismaila Ladoja’s Daughter)

Residents of a 10-room apartment building in Alagbado area of Lagos, have always suspected that something sinister was going on in the apartment of their bricklayer neighbour, Mr. Ismaila Ladoja, a native of Oyo State. [Read more...]

Baba Suwe Claims He Was Setup And Ordered To Be Given 24 Lashes @ NDLEA

baba suwe

Baba Suwe is yet to recover from the damage resulting from his arrest for suspected cocaine smuggling .The veteran yoruba comedian and actor has maintained his innocence and is still demanding for an apology from the NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency ),to help salvage his reputation.In an interview with Newsmen, he revealed how it all started [Read more...]

Daniel Decu’s Burial Ceremony Causes Great Stir As 40 Women Discover He Had AIDS

Daniel Decu’s Burial Ceremony Causes Great Stir As 40 Women Discover He Had AIDS

Dozens of young women in a Romanian town are awaiting the results of an HIV test after discovering at the funeral of a local Romeo that he had been suffering from Aids.

daniel decu
According to DailyMail, the funeral of Daniel Decu, 24, which was attended by many of his lovers when he was buried this week turned into an angry shouting match when it was revealed he had contracted the disease. [Read more...]

Withdraw From 2015 Presidential Race, Atiku Group Tells Buhari


Withdraw From 2015 Presidential Race, Atiku Group Tells Buhari

A political interest group, the Turaki Vanguard, has asked former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), to withdraw from the 2015 presidential race.

The group, made up of loyalists of  the former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, said in a statement on Thursday that Buhari, having contested three times and lost, cannot add anything new to  the fortunes of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in next year’s presidential election. [Read more...]

Tired of Spam SMS From Telecom Networks? Get Binga App

text message spam, spam sms

Mobile subscribers in Nigeria are all too familiar with the constant barrage of annoying and misleading SMS from all major telcoms. Now there’s an app that promises to help you get rid of all those annoying spam SMS. It’s called Binga. [Read more...]