Boko Haram Kidnaps 103 Girls Writing WAEC Examination

Boko Haram Kidnaps 103 Girls Writing WAEC ExaminationBoko Haram gunmen have been reported to have kidnapped a group of girls from a Secondary school in Chibok town, Borno State two days ago.Eyewitnesses in the town where the attack took place, said the gunmen arrived at the school in trucks and on motorcycles, and they overpowered the soldiers deployed to guard the school and abducted 103 of the young girls out of the 250 writing their WAEC examination. The eyewitness said soldiers were deployed to provide extra security ahead of yearly exams, but they were subdued by the gunmen and the girls carted away.

The attackers are suspected to be members of Boko Haram sect, as they have repeatedly attacked schools in the northeast region during an insurgency that killed thousands of people since 2009.

In a previous attack this year in Borno state, eyewitnesses said Boko Haram gunmen surrounded a girls’ school, and then forced the students to leave the school, ordering them to return to their villages immediately.

People are still crying and lamenting about the Nyanya bomb blast of on Monday morning, and Boko Haram is still kidnapping people’s children.

I am sure someone would have seen the people who planted the bomb in the buses in Nyanya park, they definitely passed somewhere to get to the park.

Please let us be vigilant and guide our environment. Once you feel anyone is displaying any kind of suspicious attitude in the market, church, school, office, bank wherever, please alert your neighbours and the authorities. Whether they are innocent or not, they should prove that in before the Police, because we don’t know who is good anymore.

Kano State Governor and his officials yesterday swept off President Jonathan’s feet from Kano State, and it simply shows that life has continued and those dead would be forgotten soon, because campaign has started like if nothing has happended. Please let us take care of ourselves for ourselves. For those of us yet to see how the Kano State Governor and his officials swept off President Jonathan’s feet with very looong brooms, click here to view the funny photos.

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  1. na wo 4 dis country ooo

  2. Pls free those girls

  3. StephenDarex says:

    Why cant we come together to take action nw before its too late while nigerians are bussying doing exciting things…dancing,doing many things dat has no meaning,they should not be surprise when everything we become unbearable for nigerians:)

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