Tonto Dikeh Says Her Dog Feels The Pain Of Abducted Girls

Tonto Dikeh Says Her Dog Feels The Pain Of Abducted Girls Tonto Dikeh opened a twitter page for her dog, and just a couple of hours ago, she posted a picture of her dog with the #BringBackOursGirls placard, saying that her dog is a mother and is also feeling the pain Nigerians feel over of her abducted girls.Now this action of hers has not failed to get disapproving frown from her fans, as many of them feel she is making mockery of the fact that over 250 girls are somewhere in a forest, crying their eyes out for their families with one of the most dreaded terrorists groups of our time.

Meanwhile, Tonto Dikeh has threatened to delete from her dog’s instagram page fans who blasted her for her action, saying that if it where some other celebrity who posted the picture of their dog being sad over the abducted girls, they would not complain, but would say ‘oh cute dog’. See their blasting messages to Tonto Dikeh below:




Very off point @iamkopicko… Darlyn this is no joking matter, wat if it was your sisters or best friend that was abducted, would u think to make such mockery?


If comparing a dog to your mum is not a problem for you regarding such a serious delicate matter, then please accept my apologies and I hope its enough to last u a life time cause u’ll needing it every morning you wakeup. I love Tonto and I think the dog is Cute as hell, its the caption I have a problem with. I’m sorry but its all kinds of wrong.


Omg how is this pic a problem now, how is its making a mockery i can bet u and freaking money if this was a other celebrity that had post this y’all ass would have been aww how cute. No but bc its tonto its a problem if u dont like wat u see get the f*ck off her page dam yall make yall life harder than it needs to be


Were some other celebrity we would be like oh how cute. We dont care who you are just dont make mockery of our girls. Must you turn a blind eye to her mistakes because you dream to be like tonto


  1. This is no joke,We all know what dog signifies,how can it be compared to a "MOTHER"…Well is the cause of 'FREEDOM' that is why they abducted our girls…@BHS