www.yahoomail.com | YahooMail Sign up Sign in

www.yahoomail.com | YahooMail Sign up Sign in

www.Yahoomail.com – To sign in to Yahoo mail, CLICK HERE. Yahoo was started in 1994 by two college students at Stanford University, named David Filo and Jerry Yang. Formerly named “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web,” Yahoo was a directory that organized other web sites into a hierarchy. NG-[A_BA[MOBI_TECN_ALLB]:TECNO_R7 They however started www.Yahoomail.com as a way to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. Little did they know that their online ventures would some day turn into one of the most recognized brands on the Internet.

www.yahoomail.comDifferent from other search engines, www.Yahoomail.com gained rapid popularity. Just after a year it was created, Yang and Filo had over one million hits on their sites as it became the hottest sport for locating useful Web sites. The sheer volume of people using it prompted Filo and Yang to incorporate Yahoo! early in 1995.

The name Yahoo however, was previously taken by some other enterprises, so Filo and Yang were compelled to add the exclamation mark in order to have it trademark. www.Yahoo.com went public on April 12 1996 were it made a sum of 2.6 million dollars.

With its increasing popularity, www.Yahoomail.com began buying out companies like eGroups and GeoCities. Nevertheless, most of the buy outs they made produced a huge controversy since Yahoo! had a reputation of changing terms of services each time they bought over a company.

Yahoo’s remarkable climb to success, made the creators and shareholders confident that they had got themselves a goldmine that would enjoy a good business success. They were surprised by the burst of the dot.com bubble in the early two thousands. www.Yahoomail.com endured the crisis but the value of Yahoo! stocks fell so low to $8.11.

To help remake itself, Yahoo! created partnerships with telecommunication companies and internet providers, these coalitions led to the creation of content rich broadband services that vigorously competed with AOL.

www.Yahoomail.com makes use of a blend of web crawler’s compiled and indexed results to properly rank the websites registered on their search engine. In March of 2004, Yahoo introduced a paid inclusion service. Webmasters could, for a fee, procure a submission to Yahoo!’s human compiled directory, and this fee is about three hundred dollars a year. The theory is that the listing human’s provide will affect web crawlers into giving websites who paid the fees a higher ranking. The paid inclusion program was a profitable venture for Yahoo but was disliked by webmasters. Paid inclusion did not assure a high ranking, but it only guaranteed that the business would be ranked.

Yahoo, like other businesses around, considers the future. Presently, www.Yahoomail.com provides a mass of services that cater to almost all online activities. These services provided by Yahoo! include the following: Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions, and Yahoo Messenger. Today Google maintains the top spot in search engines, but Yahoo! is still holding firmly in the second place. www.Yahoomail.com competes with other search engines by providing its customers vertical search services like: Image, Local, Shopping Search, Video, and News. Though Yahoo! is second to Google, it is still a favourite search engine among numerous online users.

Over the years, www.Yahoomail.com has gone through a number of renovations. You can see a visual history when using the WayBack Machine. www.Yahoomail.com has now grown into one of the leading portals online, providing everything from shopping, video, and podcasts to even finance, news, real estate, and of course personals.

Besides this growth, several additional opportunities for web masters to distribute their content have also followed. Many web masters today are continually bothered about their rankings in Yahoo. Nevertheless, there are numerous other ways to get into Yahoomail besides the Yahoo Search Engine.

The six ways that you can syndicate your content within the Yahoo portal are: mobile site submission, podcast submission, product submission, Yahoo directory submission, media rss feeds and Yahoo Answers.

www.Yahoomail.com Mobile Site Submission

Yahoo, Google, and MSN now offer various options for the mobile browser. The cell phone today has out-numbered computers, and this user-base is one that is far too profitable to pass up. It is time we came up with our sites for the communication revolution that we are presently experiencing, and this means preparing our web sites to be viewable on very small screens without stress.

Mobile web sites can be found in three categories: xHTML, WML, or cHTML. To have your mobile site submitted for inclusion in www.Yahoomail.com mobiles search index, just enter the URL on their submission page. Only the top-level page is required, and then the Yahoo Crawler will explore the rest of your site from there.

Podcast Submission

In 2005, the term “podcast” was stated Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary. Based on Information, Week podcast users are anticipated to extend to about 60 million by the year 2010. With these kinds of statistics, it just makes sense to start applying podcasting into your own marketing strategy.

www.Yahoomail.com launched their podcast directory in 2005 and it is now one of the top places to submit your podcast and start picking up some extra subscribers. To do this, just go to [http://podcasts.yahoo.com/publish] to get going.

Product Submission

If you have products for sale, then they should absolutely be in the Yahoomail.com shopping index. Yahoo’s merchants varies from Dell to Amazon.com. This network puts you in front of millions of potential buyers all around the world. You get to pay only when an online shopper clicks on a listing that takes them to your site. Your cost-per-click will vary based on which category you are in. You can take a look at the pricing on their rate card when you are ready.

Media RSS Feed

Gone are the days when the Internet used to be a world of text. With increasing bandwidth becoming rapidly available to us these days at affordable prices, audio, video, and other visual content are becoming increasingly popular.

As the diversity of content has increased online, Yahoo has been constantly acclimatizing. They now permit you to search precisely for audio and video within their search engine.

If you are looking for ways to grow your web site’s traffic, creating audio and video content for your web site could be the easiest way out. The competition among these new systems of media is still in their early stage. To get your audio, video, and other visual content into Yahoo, you could submit it through a media RSS feed. It may sound so technical, but it is actually not as it seems.

To start marketing with new media types, go to http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/mrss.

www.Yahoomail.com Directory

The profits of being listed in the Yahoomail.com directory have been intensely disputed between online marketers.

Nevertheless, submitting your site to directories does gives you a number of benefits, and one of the most important benefits is that they raise the number of quality one-way links coming to your website, which is one of the best ranking factors in many search engines.

Unlike Yahoo’s search engine, their directory is run by human editors. When submitting to the Yahoo directory, preparation is extremely important. So you must be sure to read their guidelines before you get started.

Yahoo Mail Directory Submit charges a frequent annual fee of US$299 for each directory listing that is submitted, so you will have to choose for yourself whether or not the large price tag is worth it.

www.Yahoomail.com Answers

Yahoo mail Answers which was launched on December 8, 2005 is a community where anybody can ask and answer questions on a diversity of topics. Nonetheless, it is also an online community and social networking service. Questions range from the minor, such as “When was kleenex invented?” to more serious ones like ” Where can I submit press releases on the web?”

Since this is such a big community, it is also one of the flawless channels for delivering your marketing message. As a web master, you can establish yourself as a professional in virtually any field by giving wonderful answers to questions asked about topics connected to your product or service.

Besides that, you can also include more information about yourself or your company in your profile section. However, it is even more productive if you just include a URL to your site in a resource box underneath your answers.

The key to using Yahoo mail Answers as an effective marketing channel is to provide quality content. If you can do this, then people will definitely take notice.

Now that you know these additional ways into Yahoomail.com, you should be capable of using these systems to gain an advantage over your competitors. There are countless number of people who just do not put in the additional effort necessary to get extraordinary results. For those who are continually seeking to improve their online businesses now is the time to venture into some of the most popular developments in internet marketing today. Podcasting, blogging, mobile search, and video have yet to see their peaks. You sure can make it better.

www.yahoomail.com | YahooMail Sign up Sign in


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